Hello there!

Assembly is made by Danny Wallace and Phil Hilton – we’ve been friends for fifteen years and these days we like to meet in a pub called The Crown in rural Suffolk. Over roasts and beers and little pots of unusual sausages, we’ve laughed like fools, told long and involved stories, shared worries, praised our wives, worshipped our children and laughed like fools again. We’ve noticed there’s nothing out there for men like us. Nothing quite like this. We’re hoping Assembly will be a bit like our table in The Crown.

Danny Wallace


Danny Wallace’s career is nothing if not clichéd. He started his own country which formed the basis
of a six-part TV series. Then, predictably, he said Yes to everything and wrote a bestselling book
about it which became a Hollywood movie starring Jim Carrey. Then he followed the well-trodden
path and formed a massive cult before, you guessed it, commentating on the World’s Strongest
Man. We need hardly tell you he is also a character in the Assassin’s Creed game and hosts a weekly
radio show, as is the way of these things.

His personal life is the one area where he has allowed himself to break the mould. He lives with his
wife and three children in Suffolk, his last three cars have all been Volvos, he delights in Friday night
curries, pub gardens and impressing his spouse with a perfectly cooked wood-smoked burger.
Eccentric but there we are.


Phil’s first job in consumer magazines was deputy editor of FHM – a position he landed partly because his flat mate was the outgoing deputy editor of FHM. This run of nepotism and luck took him to the editorship of Men’s Health in its early days as a UK launch. He went on to edit a few men’s magazines he doesn’t talk about much anymore before helping start free publications Shortlist and Stylist. He has interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, Brett Easton-Ellis and David Lynch among others – none of them remember him now.

Addicted to all forms of exercise, Phil is usually jogging, kickboxing, lifting weights or doing HIIT just at the very moment you need him for something urgent. Above all he likes watching TV with his wife and grown-up kids while drinking beer and eating proper economy snacks that have neither been locally sourced nor hand-crafted.

Phil Hilton