Men talk (frankly) about their bodies

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Tiny nipples, luxuriant back hair, late puberty, cruel nicknames, self-loathing and great arms. Oh, and height, nearly always height: Manatomy is the place where men talk frankly about their bodies.

We’ve spoken to Stephen Fry, Tim Minchin, Gary Lineker, Jameela Jamil,* Tony Hale among loads of others. It’s a place with no judgement and no self-improvement agenda, all are welcome and we hope you join in as well.

We felt it was time men had the conversation women opened up years ago. Well-known figures being publicly vulnerable about their hang ups and insecurities has created some unique listening – often both moving and funny. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, however you feel about your body, we promise Manatomy will leave you feeling part of a big, imperfect, human family.

All our episodes can be found here.

*And women, everyone is welcome.

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