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Assembly is a club we’d love you to join. It’s a newsletter, podcasts, and one day soon events. Get involved, and become a Founding Member!

Well, if you’re fundamentally decent and have a sense of humour, you’re in. If you want to make the best of your time, or discover new things, because you’re overwhelmed or exhausted, you’re in. But also if you’re anything like us, you want useful things that might make you feel more useful too. And though it looks like we’re aimed mainly at men, please understand we welcome everybody.

You get a newsletter two times a week. Two! Do you have any idea how much work that is? It’s a lot! And if you subscribe properly you also get access to our Facebook group where we can all chat about the Things That Matter, you get a badge pack to prove your worth, and extra content. We’ll also tell you when we’re all
heading down the pub and why (the first round is usually on us).

It’s a curated little gem of stories, columns, recommendations and more. We’ll tell you things that have happened to us that might have happened to you. We’ll tell you things you should read, watch or order. We’ll cover family, food, fun, friends and anything else that makes up modern life. Think of it as what we’d tell you if we were at the pub table with you.

It’s your old pal Danny Wallace working with his old pal Phil Hilton, who will soon be your old pal too. But we want to get you front and centre, too. Plus we’ve already been grabbing wisdom and recommendations from the likes of Scroobius Pip, John Niven, Eddie ‘the Beast’ Hall, Mike Gayle, Jimmy Doherty, Charlie Higson and many more. We’d love you to join the gang.

No. You can come in but you may never leave. Of COURSE you can cancel, it’s your life, you must do what is right for you. Though later, when you’re gone, we will print out your picture and burn it in a mug.

You put your faith in us, and subscribe. You read, you get involved, and we all Assemble together.