Scroobious Pip recommends his favourite podcasts

Someone has made me feel sad unfairly and I need cheering up.

So listen to Cuddle Club. In Cuddle Club comedian Lou Sanders guides her guests through the cuddle highlights of their lives and it’s exactly as ludicrous and lovely as it sounds. It’s a cuddle in a podcast. Always comforting, often awkward and sometimes creepier than anyone intended.

My boss is awful and to be honest – all I can think about is revenge.

Poppy Hillstead Has Entered the Chat. Poppy Hillstead goes into internet chat room and talks and equal mix nonsense and smut. She then takes the transcripts and re-enacts them with her friends. Since chat rooms tend to use made up names you can imagine your boss is any one of the colourful characters that are spending their evenings unwittingly providing content for Poppy’s unique hobby.

I want something to talk about with my friends.

Get Seen the Sequel. On each episode of Seen the Sequel four friends pick a classic stand-alone movie and come up with a sequels movie pitch. You will NEED your friends to be listening too so you can shout your own ground-breaking ideas that were overlooked in the episode at them instead of just your listening device.

I woke up with a sudden burning desire to be better at something!

Okay, so check out Hear Me See Me. On Hear Me See Me, Stewart Roberts, the man behind Haircuts for the Homeless, talks to so many amazing and inspirational people it will leave you feeling that if you DON’T improve at something in your own life then you’re basically letting mankind down massively.

I feel bloated but still want words. I want a podcast I can exercise to.

I find podcasts GREAT for exercise as conversation is a great distraction from your own exhaustion/boredom… so the Adam Buxton Podcast will help massively with that — but, as an added bonus, his AMAZING jingles will also give you regular moments to briefly take it up a notch.

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